I am passionate about inspiring and teaching others about health and fitness.  As a NASM certified personal trainer, I love to share my knowledge showing others how to live a healthy lifestyle.  Often people lack knowledge of how to train, pair exercises or need help with selecting healthy foods in a grocery store.  I want to make that process easier by providing information, resources, training plans, nutrition guidance and explain the reasons why being fit and healthy is so important.  My goal is to educate and change lifestyles! We have one life, one body to take care of and we need to value ourselves enough to do so.


what students are saying

Outstanding short term course. Hit right to the point, no waste of time as well as money.

Jimmy Singh Student

LOVED LOVE LOVED this course! Jen was clear and precise on all the basics that you need to know. I learn so much from the little time it took to get through this course! Thank you JEN!

Jacqueline C. Bertot Student

If you need to affect change, grow mentally and improve physically I recommend Jens Masterclass as a great course to begin your journey or re-in-force current form and types of exercises. The video quality is crystal clear, Jen knows what she’s talking about and presentation is top notch. Don’t wait for another tomorrow. Jen thank your for a top class I really enjoyed every minute.

Rory Willmers Student

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split squats

Top 10 Leg Exercises to Build Muscle

If you want to develop strong and powerful legs, you need to think multi-joint as opposed to single joint.  Multi-joint movements incorporate more than one joint while performing an exercise. As an example, take the back squat. Your hips, knees and ankles are moving. Compare that to leg extensions, a single joint exercise, where only […]


A Podium Triathlon Finish

Over the course of the past six to eight months, I have been struggling with overuse injuries from strength training. I knew I needed to take a step back from the weights to let my body heal and rest. But I also knew I had to find another form of exercise to help keep me […]

Beginner and Advanced Fitness Training for Boxing

Beginner and Advanced Fitness Training for Boxers

You asked and I’m listening! Welcome to Beginner and Advanced Fitness Training for Boxing! This is a BRAND NEW course I designed thanks to you a student like you. Do you want to be a better boxer? If so, watch now!   Do you get tired easily in the ring? Having trouble getting through rounds? […]