Front Squat

Front Squat Your Way to a Stronger Core

The front squat is an excellent way to build a stronger core and increase your functional strength.  Good technique and mobility is key.  Throwing this exercise into your routine will provide your body with a different stimulus which is so important for change to constantly occur.  This is a more advanced exercise, so work with […]

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Q&A: “Can I use and easily digest BCAA’s during exercise?”

BCAA’s are branched chain amino acids which help the body reduce the amount of protein that is being broken down and increase protein synthesis.  These are two good things for people who are trying to gain and/or maintain muscle mass. They also help to improve intensity.  During exercise, serotonin levels rise due to increased tryptophan which may increase the perception […]

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Q&A: I heard our metabolism does not work when we are doing exercise. Is this true?

Metabolism essentially means “burning calories to give your body the energy it needs.” There are 3 ways your body burns calories: 1. Resting metabolic rate (RMR):  Your body needs to supply your organs with energy even while you do nothing, and that is RMR: the calories your body burns while at rest. It’s the energy you burn while sitting, […]

8 week daily beginner weight training program

NEW COURSE LAUNCH: Beginner Weight Training: 8-Week Daily Trainer

Join me on a NEW adventure….with my BRAND NEW Beginner Weight Training Course! It is a perfect course for the absolute beginner or for someone who has not lifted weights in a while, but wants to get back at it. Beginner Weight Training: An Eight-Week Daily Trainer With this new course, you can get healthier and happier: follow […]


Branched Chain Amino Acids: A Supplement You Want to Use

BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and the body uses these amino acids to generate protein. There are 20 total amino acids in the body and nine are considered essential. These nine essential amino acids are not produced naturally in the body and therefore must be consumed […]

Soccer Conditioning Online Course: Fitness Testing and Drills

Importance and Benefits of Agility Training for Soccer Players

This content is part of a brand new course just launched! Soccer Conditioning: Train and Get Fit Like the Pros! Learn the Secrets of Accupressure and High Performance Training for Soccer Players! This article will kick off the Agility section of the course! WATCH VIDEO! Like speed, agility is another important fitness component of soccer. […]

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Principles of Training

There are many principles that guide a training program. The four main principles related to weight training are: Principle of Progression – A training program should follow an optimal rate to produce optimal results. Progressing too slowly wastes time and progressing too fast may cause injury or pain. Principle of Specificity – Results are directly […]