split squats

Top 10 Leg Exercises to Build Muscle

If you want to develop strong and powerful legs, you need to think multi-joint as opposed to single joint.  Multi-joint movements incorporate more than one joint while performing an exercise. As an example, take the back squat. Your hips, knees and ankles are moving. Compare that to leg extensions, a single joint exercise, where only […]

Front Squat

Front Squat Your Way to a Stronger Core

The front squat is an excellent way to build a stronger core and increase your functional strength.  Good technique and mobility is key.  Throwing this exercise into your routine will provide your body with a different stimulus which is so important for change to constantly occur.  This is a more advanced exercise, so work with […]

8 week daily beginner weight training program

NEW COURSE LAUNCH: Beginner Weight Training: 8-Week Daily Trainer

Join me on a NEW adventure….with my BRAND NEW Beginner Weight Training Course! It is a perfect course for the absolute beginner or for someone who has not lifted weights in a while, but wants to get back at it. Beginner Weight Training: An Eight-Week Daily Trainer With this new course, you can get healthier and happier: follow […]

performing a biceps curl

Principles of Training

There are many principles that guide a training program. The four main principles related to weight training are: Principle of Progression – A training program should follow an optimal rate to produce optimal results. Progressing too slowly wastes time and progressing too fast may cause injury or pain. Principle of Specificity – Results are directly […]