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NEW COURSE LAUNCH: Beginner Weight Training: 8-Week Daily Trainer

8 week daily beginner weight training program

Join me on a NEW adventure….with my BRAND NEW Beginner Weight Training Course! It is a perfect course for the absolute beginner or for someone who has not lifted weights in a while, but wants to get back at it.

Beginner Weight Training: An Eight-Week Daily Trainer

With this new course, you can get healthier and happier:

  • follow 56 daily training videos
  • learn how to do all the exercises
  • learn what to focus on as a beginner
  • I share my favorite recipes
  • learn tips on how to stay motivated
  • learn unspoken gym rules
  • and much, much more!
Enroll for $19 (10 Coupons Available)
Enroll for $21 (10 Coupons Available)
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Enroll for $25 (10 Coupons Available)
Enroll for $195 (Available to Everyone)

Follow me as your personal daily trainer as I take you through an 8-week program!

The Workouts

Each day you have a video to watch that will show and explain exactly what you need to do.  Most training days have five exercises focusing on two major muscle groups.

During the last two weeks we will bump up the number and types of exercises to challenge you even more. In the beginning, we start with machines and body weight exercises before gradually moving to free weights.

I may be asking you to do things you have never done before or do not know how to do.  All I ask is that you try to challenge yourself with each set, and each rep.

Use this trainer as an opportunity to learn something new.  Watch the videos, ask questions in the Q&A section, or email me directly.



I cannot wait to help you feel better about yourself!




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