Body Mechanics: The Quality of Your Life is in Your Hands

Body Mechanics: The Quality of Your Life is in Your Hands

Are you suffering from back pain?
Do you feel tired and have limited energy?
Do you need a way to alleviate back stress without doctor visits?

This course is designed to help you understand and appreciate the factors that go into keeping you healthy on a mechanical level with special emphasis on the back.

Learning activities that accompany the lectures will not only solidify the concepts you learn, but will also give you practical application of these concepts.

This is the one place with everything you need to start working on your posture and improving your quality of life!


The quality of your life is in your hands! In order to determine what measures you should take to improve your level of positive wellness, you must have an idea of your current lifestyle.  From there you know what you can improve on to enhance your quality of life.

Created for the novice to advanced level, this course will cover everything you need to know about body mechanics including:

  • basic terms and motions
  • joint motions
  • flexibility
  • the spine and posture
  • back exercise
  • lifting techniques
  • body composition and testing
  • determining caloric needs
  • cardio fitness
  • muscular strength and endurance
  • stress techniques
  • nutrition basics

 ENROLL NOW and improve your posture today!