Soccer Conditioning: Test and Improve Player Fitness Levels

Soccer Conditioning: Test and Improve Player Fitness Levels

Is your soccer team running out of steam towards the end of a game? 

Are they losing challenges on the ball? 

Do they seem a step behind the competition?

Do you need a way to improve soccer performance without medications and doctor visits?

In this course, we will address how to improve those all those issues and increase the fitness level of soccer players through training, testing and acupressure. Created for anyone who is interested in learning how to properly condition soccer players to obtain a high level of fitness to play the game of soccer.

You will learn how to earn how to incorporate a series of fitness components into a training plan that will benefit soccer players.

This course will cover everything you need to know to improve the fitness level and enhance performance of soccer players including:

  • Explanation of the important fitness components for soccer
  • Training drills for each fitness component
  • Fitness tests for each fitness component
  • Accupressure points to improve endurance, concentration, coordination and soccer play
  • A 10-day acupressure treatment to improve endurance
  • Accupressure points to deal with emergencies on the soccer field
  • and much, much more!


Train your players like have always wanted today!


Chris said: “Before implementing specific soccer fitness into practice, my players were always dragging their feet by the middle of the second half.  Thanks to the training drills and suggestions in this course, they now outlast their opponents!  I can’t imagine where our season would be without this knowledge! Thank you!

Contents and Overview

You will start with an overview of everything covered in this course.  You will then learn why specific fitness training should be incorporated into soccer training sessions.

You will learn about each fitness component and its importance, benefits, specific drills and tests.  You will also learn specific Acupressure techniques to improve different fitness components.

You will learn specific strength training exercises for soccer and how to correctly perform each exercise.

You will then continue and learn about nutrition and why eating healthy is so important for field performance.

You will also learn about soccer specific acupressure techniques and have the opportunity to perform a 10-day acupressure treatment to improve endurance, leg muscles and breathing.

Lastly, are some bonus lectures where we share additional course information to increase your knowledge in the sport and fitness field.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and tools at your fingertips to train soccer players to a higher level of fitness. You will know how to plan training programs, know what to do and when.  You will be more knowledgeable on the field and understand the importance of nutrition.  And you will know why acupressure is an excellent technique and should be a daily addition for soccer athletes.

ENROLL NOW and improve your soccer conditioning today!