Q&A: “Can I use and easily digest BCAA’s during exercise?”

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BCAA’s are branched chain amino acids which help the body reduce the amount of protein that is being broken down and increase protein synthesis.  These are two good things for people who are trying to gain and/or maintain muscle mass.

They also help to improve intensity.  During exercise, serotonin levels rise due to increased tryptophan which may increase the perception of fatigue.  This equates to a less intense workout.  But, BCAA’s reduce the amount of tryptophan that enter the brain.  So, supplementing with BCAAs reduces tryptophan which in turn reduces serotonin. Therefore you may have a more intense workout.

I always drink BCAA’s during my workout.  I find I am less fatigued than on water alone.  BCAA’s are very easy to digest and easy on the stomach.  Whether or not you want to do the same is up to you.  I cannot make that decision for you.

Thank you for your question!

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